joi, 17 martie 2016

New season for wedding dresses at Cocomelody

So, after a big break from writing on the blog, I decided that even though my exams at school are time consuming and exhausting, I need to write again in order to let my artistic style flow again in my blog posts. It is one of my favorite things to do since I am a blogger, but I also like fashion a lot so I've combined these two and started writing about fashion long time ago. Today I am going to write about a fashion store that I have written about before and from where some of my friends also bought some products. More specifically, today I will write about wedding dresses from Cocomelody.
Women have the most interesting tastes in fashion, especially when it comes to wedding dresses. Some of them might like low back wedding dresses, but hey! Who are we to blame? I mean, I am a man and I find these wedding dresses really beautiful and elegant. For a woman, I believe that dresses from Cocomelody should be an option, because I've seen many products with fine quality and great prices. Making a list of wedding dresses on Cocomelody isn't an easy job, because it takes a lot of courage to pick a dress in front of another and also a lot of time to explore through the big variety of products. I love Cocomelody!
Ok, now for some of you shopping might not be that easy so that I wanted to show you some of my favorite dresses that I found on Cocomelody. I've had a good time looking through all the products, but at the end of the day I just had to chose some products that I could show you. Backless gown dresses are such a thing these days so I thought bringing some of them to light so that you can see what are my tastes when it comes to wedding dresses. By the way, just as a reminder, I know that I've talked about Cocomelody, but I must say that this is one of the only stores where I found great discounts the entire year and also a great sales campaign. Unfortunately the campaign has ended, but there are more discounts and even more products than before! I hope that you really like the products that I have chosen to show you. I still wanted to show you the banner, so that you know what you might deal with by shopping at Cocomelody!