joi, 7 noiembrie 2019

Christmas surprise for my friends this year

Christmas is coming soon so we should all prepare for it, right? I really love this season as it makes me feel that everybody on this planet can become better just by feeling the magic of Christmas. This year I want to do something special for my family and my friends. I want to dress as Santa Claus and bring them some presents while they are sitting at the yearly dinner that we organize on Christmas. For this I will need some help so I talked to a friend of mine to dress as an elf. She really liked the idea and thought it would be a lot of fun to do so.

I still have my Santa Claus costume from a few years ago when I went to a kindergarden to give some presents to the kids that I met there. For the elf costume I thought it would be great to be bought from an online store. Lover-Beauty is the store that has some of the most beautiful costumes for Christmas. At least it is the only one that I could find selling elf costumes. Anyway, I think that finding a Christmas costumes wholesaleonline was the best thing that could happen to me in order to get everything done for this Christmas.

This online store has many costumes at very reasonable prices and many discounts for the clients. One of the best thing that I found out about Lover-Beauty is the fact that you can return the products in 15 days if it doesn’t fit or you find anything wrong with it. Hohoho, I hope that my little elf won’t be fat this year so that there won’t be any problem with fitting in the costume. As for me… I don’t need a best shapewear wholesale as I can be fat just like Santa!

vineri, 16 august 2019

Looking for the right dress for prom? Here are a few designs from LadypromdressUK that might help you!

Now that summer is over, lots of girls and young women would start chasing up the perfect dress for their homecoming proms. It is rather a very tidious activity as it may take lots of hours of shopping and long searches on the internet but is all worth it! There are different styles of dresses and finding one that would suit  you might be one excruciating task so let me make it easy for you! Here are the main styles that you could opt for! 

1. The mermaid dress
Long prom dresses come in different lenghts and styles, but the ones that are in vogue are the mermaid and the trumphet ones. These designs are certainly a challenge for every woman as it might be pretentious to wear as a daily outfit. The mermaid dress is everyones favourite but the enemy number one to some others as it may require a lot of attention and caustion if it is chosen as the central piece for a luxurious look. There are many mermaid dresses that have a sleek lower part and some that are full of ruffles and other embelishments. Take care when chosing the second one! Too much sparkle or colour could ruin your look!

2. The A-line dress from Ladypromdress UK
This type of dress is one of the most beloved ones. The structure is simple and is actually suited for every each silhouette. This design can be easily adapted to day or evening wear and it is suitable for pear shaped silhoutte but can also be worn by others. What is most appealing is that all the A-line dresses are the top choices especialy if they have lace on top.

3. The princess style
Last but not least, the princess style dress, the one that has a special place in a womans heart as the design itself it is the impersonation of perfection. The princess style dress though is not really for everyone! You must be really careful when picking up one of the ball gown prom dresses if you do not want to look ridiculous! A modern Cinderella princess style dress will always have that royal look with the modern touches on it so take care when trying one. Look up for ball gown dresses that have a deep leg cut to make your look a bit boder or a off shoulder type for a bit of mistery and sensuality. 

Wholesale makeup & summer ssentials - wordmakeup

Make-up has a really important impact on our daily lives. Even if some do not agree with make-up it is true when they say that your look tells you more about a person rather that their words. Having an impecable look is truly of highly importance especialy if you work in customer service where a pleasant and clean make-up does a lot. It is not really necessary for heavy make up to achieve a great look! There are numerous tutorials about how a simple make-up consisting of just a bit of foundation, mascara and a glossy lipgloss can change your appearance so have a look online for tips and tricks if you are not a pro make-up artist! The most difficult part though it is not putting make-up on but chosing the right ones! There are lots of products on the market and prices do varies a lot for high end items so have a thought before buying anything for you summer make-up. The quality of your make-up will make the difference so do not compromise nothing when it comes to your appearance! Invest in items that are good for your skin and also affordable for your budget. If you do not think you can buy expensive items all at once, then make a few savings and buy them one after another!

Make sure you fully understand your skin needs and try a few samples before as finding the right match foundation might be tricky. Full size items will definately be better for you so if you intend buying a larger size then purchasing in bulk might be  good ideea as you might as well get a discount on it! I know for a fact the the wholesale make-up term is new for many of you but if you have a better look at your favourite make-up artists and instagram stars you will notice that they aslo buy in bulk and from online retailers with good pricing for wholesale make-up sales. If you are looking for cheap wholesale makeup then you should have a better look on the following website that sells top brands make-up like Huda Beauty pallete and other brands that would improve your look.

luni, 22 iulie 2019

Gift ideas - personalised name necklace

Birthdays are special events that should always be remembered dearly by our loved ones! Birthday cake, roses, bubbly champagne and lots of gifts, those would be the first things that pop in my mind every time I think about birthdays! It all sounds fun and it really is until you realise you have to buy a gift! Making them feel special and cherisehd on their birthday is a priority so make sure you have a gift as special as the person you are gifting! I know lots of you men lack ideas for presents so I have made a short list that consist of items and others that you might use as inspiration for a brilliant gift idea for the special person in your life! 

Time flies by when having fun so book tickets to a funfair or an adventure park! I know that this kind of activities might be a bit difficult for winter born people but a winter festival is also worth going to if you are still interested in having a day off and a walk instead of spending the birthday indoors! You can do lots of stuff on a funfair! You are never to old to ride the roller coaster or join a cart race with your friends so hop on and make your friends birthday a day they would never forget! 

Personalising a gift is a really cute and thoughtfull idea! We are past the pillows and teddy bears so here is something you might like! Did you know that you can gift someone or get name necklace engraved with their name or a special number that has meaning for them! Also, you can add symbols to make even more interesting but the name necklace remains one top gift idea for this year! You can also opt for a set consisting of different custom name bracelet made out of precious metals.

A day at a spa can be a great idea as well even if you might not be able to join! Some people like going to the spa for a great relaxing session so find out which one is the best in town and do an early book in for one or two person spa plan! You can find vouchers online or deals so have a look online when purchasing them. Also, do not forget to add a personalised note to the gift! Take a pretty box with a cheerful ribbon and leave a lovely note inside along with name bracelets to remember your friend or loved one how special they are to you! Wish them a beautiful happy birthday and let them enjoy a day at the spa!

duminică, 14 iulie 2019

New sunglasses for men from Jupitoo

Lots of people think that working everyday in an office, completing just computer tasks is a piece of cake and not as the same as physical effort but in fact, it is known that spending more than six hours per day on a computer screen can be as stressful and tidious as any other activity that involve body effort. Same rules apply for a job that involves pending time overviewing documents! Did you know that high stress levels and the bright blue screen light can give you serious headaches and damage your eye sight?

A lot of health issues can occure as the sedentary life would make you prone to them. First, your eye sight and weight would change to the bad of course as you would have to spend lots of time just on a chair right in front of your screen. If you are not wearing a pair of prescription glasses then you should make an appointments with your optician/optometrist as soon as possible to prevent any seriously ey esight problems to occure. These issues can be easily treated if they are noticed at an early stage and also improved with a pair of glasses from Jupitoo! Having more that one pair of glasses it is really a must as you might damage or loose one of them so having a spare pair would be helpful.

Do not forget that direct exposure to sunlight on a long term can also have a huge impact on your eye sight. Wearing just a regular pair of mens sunglasses should be enough but try to buy ones with a very good lens that have a higher UV protection level. Prescription glasses could be helpful as well as some might be able to turn into a different darker shad as soon as it is exposed to UVA. If you do not know how to choose a pair of eyeglasses then make an appointment to your nearest optician. Buying the frame should be the least of your worries as you can buy them online along with other women sunglasses designs for your partner.

miercuri, 3 iulie 2019

Accesorii pentru par de la

Avand in vedere numarul in crestere al persoanelor care apeleaza la accesorii pentru par, pe internet au inceput sa apara din ce in ce mai multe magazine care comercializeaza astfel de produse. Foarte multe femei nu sunt multumite de modul in care le arata parul, motiv pentru care apeleaza la peruci. Acest lucru nu este deloc de judecat, fiindca fiecare dintre noi are dreptul sa aleaga ce vrea sa poarte si ce lucruri noi aduce in viata sa. In acest sens, pentru persoanele curioase de unde isi pot achizitiona cele mai frumoase peruci sintetice, va recomand cu mare drag 

Am investit cateva zeci de minute bune in cercetarea ofertelor pe care cei de la le au si trebuie sa va spun ca am fost surprins de cat de variate sunt produsele si cat de ieftine sunt. Intotdeauna m-am prezentat drept un adept al ofertelor. De ce sa nu profitam de preturi reduse daca acestea exista? Consider ca reteta succesului unei afaceri este acela de a oferi clientilor ce au nevoie si sa o faca la preturi cat mai accesibile. In acest caz, Mola se claseaza printre primele magazine din mediul virtual care ofera clientilor produse de calitate, la preturi accesibile. Nu sunt genul de persoana care sa promoveze magazine cu produse proaste din punct de vedere calitativ, de aceea scriu destul de rar. Insa, atunci cand scriu, chiar daca se intampla destul de rar, scriu despre lucrurile si site-urile care imi atrag atentia. Iar Mola este unul din site-urile care mi-au atras atentia intr-un mod placut.

In acele cateva zeci de minute pe care le-am petrecut navigand pe am avut timp sa aleg cateva produse care, cred si sper, va vor placea. Stiu ca multe dintre persoanele care citesc acest blog nu acorda suficient timp pentru a explora ofertele magazinelor despre care scriu, de aceea fac lucrurile mai usoare si afisez cateva din produsele care cred ca sunt frumoase si care cred ca au potential. Asadar, in urmatoarele randuri veti afla de ce am ales produsele pe care le-am ales, si totodata veti avea ocazia sa vedeti cateva poze cu ele.

Produsele pe care le-am ales de la le-am ales din cauza ca arata elegant si sunt de parere ca pot fi purtate la mai multe ocazii. Persoanele care vor sa isi schimbe look-ul, care vor sa arate putin mai diferit fata de modul in care o fac in mod normal. Am gasit niste peruci foarte dragute, blonde, care cred ca ar arata minunat pe femeile care ar vrea sa afle cum le-ar sta cu o asemenea culoare in cap. Deci, de ce sa prelungesc chinul? O sa va arat chiar acum produsele pe care le-am ales! Iar daca si voi sunteti de parere ca perucile pe care vi le arat in aceasta postare sunt dragute, va recomand cu toata increderea sa acordati cateva minute din vietile voastre si sa aruncati o privire asupra gamei de produse de care dispune, unul dintre cele mai cunoscute magazine online pentru accesorii de par.

duminică, 30 iunie 2019

Change of outfit with new 27dresses

Many of you might be thinking that wearing the same dresses and outfits as last year might do no harm to anyone, but when you are working in a select place and it is expected of you to look impresive and always on point, then having a fresh new wardrobe is kind of essential. Smart casual is the right style for a busy office but sometimes you need to stand up and make a statement so a dress would give you the glow and elegance you might need in order to bright. It is already known as a fact that your look says a lot about your personality so make sure you get out in the world just as you would like to look! Leave the chuncky trousers and loose shirts behind, wear a nice dress like the ones you have seen recently while looking for prom dresses online because a dress is not just perfect for summer season but it will look amazing on your worked out body! Some might look a bit too elegant for daily wear but with a pair or nude pumps and a boyfriend style coat, they can become wereable both for a day at the office or a nice evening party or cocktail with colleagues and friends. Many different designs are available for you on 27 dresses prom ideas online so do no hesitate on doing a bit of web search for inspiration!

vineri, 28 iunie 2019

Pretty mermaid dresses

Have you ever asked youself what is the most searched fashion item in the world on google? One might think that red pumps are the answer as women love shoes but actually the mermaid prom dresses are the ones that are on top searches! Surprised much? Well, in order to wear one you must know that they are pretty pretentious due to the design that accentuates the body curves. You do not have to be 90-60-90 to fit into one but depending on the deisng the mermaid dress can eithr look precious on you or as a total failure! These dresses are quite elegant so you would have to wear them on special occassion as they might look too pretentious for daily wear or events that are more chic-casual coded. Not feeling too confident or comfortable to try out this particular style? Do not worry too much! There are quite a few variations of this designs that are easy to wear even by those so do not have the body of a catwalk model! Look at the following 27 dresses that are both one piece or two piece! My favourite ones are the last one as we can opt for different tops whenever we want to combine patterns and colours of our chosing! 

marți, 25 iunie 2019

Prom dress alert!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I thought that I might do another blog review today but I was out with my girlfriend looking for prom dresses all day long and I must say that it was the most painful shopping experience I have ever had! Most of my shopping sessions are done onlin because I know precisely what I want and what suits me but she likes going from store to store to look for the right dress as if she was looking for a wedding gown! I am not joking, it tool almost all day to find something that she might spend her money on but they guess what? She has decided that at the end of the day she would continue on looking online for 27 dresses prom designs because why not? As if it was not enought that I have ndured, she will make me stay by her while she looks and I will have to say if I like it or not as if she would even care about my opinion! So a piece of advice guys, do not fall in the trap! Here is what you can do! It has just strike me that it would have been easier for me if I would have bought for her a gift card for the store she likes before dragging me all along the way! But now you know what you have to do so good luck fellas!

duminică, 23 iunie 2019

Bridesmaid dresses at a cheap cost

Planning a wedding and do not know where to start? Well, there are quite a few wedding organisers that might be very handy for couples who lack of time for organising their oqn weddings or just lack ideeas but in my opinion, organising a wedding was not such a big deal until my bride to be started showing me all the charts and the to-do lists she had planned for every guest participating in the ceremony! I though to myself this is crazy, so we had to sort it out with a wedding planner as nothing went where we wanted and we are really please by how things are turning out. There are just a few details left like long bridesmaid dresses for the girls to match my future wifes ideeas and other bits that not that important but we would really like to incorporate in the ceremony. Finding the dresses though has been quite difficult as not all her maids of honour embrace pink colours, but at the end of the day everything turned to be just alright! We have chosen out of 27 dresses the one that would make them all happy and here are a few of those were on our top prefferences!

miercuri, 19 iunie 2019

Must haves in you summer bag!

The past few day have been so hot that everyone headed straight to be beach as the heat weave has been unbereable from early hours pf the day especially in the big cities. For the following days it seems the weather it will improve for a bit but we will still be facing high temperatures for a while, a bit abnormal for this time of the year so it is really important for everyone to remember to have a list with all the things they need from Chicmillions to face the heat weave in a better way! Summer will only last for a couple month here but it is enough to endanger your health if you are not well prepared for it!

1. Sunscreen protection
A lot of people refuse to apply sunscreen or simply do no know that it is really important to apply a thick layer of SPF in order to protesc sensitive skin from getting sunburns or develop cancer over the years. It does not matter if you are wearing a hoodie, a long sleeve dress or a fashion one piece swimsuit! The sun rays will affect your skin the same no matter what so make sure you have sunscreen protection and apply it every time you feel or after getting out of the pool as water rinses out the layers.

2. Hats, sunglases & umbrella
If you are wondering which one of these are the best, well then, they all go togheter if needed! If the sun shines really brightly and you feel vulnerable then put your hat and glasses on and open your umbrella to protect yourself from direct sunlight! All of these also protect you from heat-strokes so add them in your holiday bag along with your sunscreen and swimsuit!

3. Dresses, flip-flops and cheap swimwear online!
If you do not know what to wear when the thermometers go crazy, then choose something really simple! Dresses are perfect for a hot summer, flip-flops are easy to wear and let your feet breath and a swimsuit will make you ready for a dive in the pool when you feel like it!

miercuri, 12 iunie 2019

You need a backpack!

Wheter you're going to the mall or just going for a trip, you must carry things with you. Most definetly you will need to have a bottle of water or some snacks. Now because of that I believe that you should be start searching for a good store, because many of the online stores that you might find can trick you into buying a low quality backpack. This is why I'm writing this blog post today. In order to receive one of the best backpacks (in terms of quality), you should visit (, which is one of the most popular online stores for backpacks.

I've been searching some products on their site so that you don't have to. In terms of quality... oh boy! Their backpacks are all around the globe. Everybody loves them and nobody can refuse them. They are durable and they fit almost everything you need to take with you. And the backpack will still look great even after being filled with lots of things! But what about the prices? I've seen stores with lower prices but that doesn't mean the quality of their products is great. Actually not at all. The prices from are such a bargain! You will save a lot of cash by buying any of their products, because the price-quality ratio is visible. You will be able to use that backpack for a lot of time without having to worry about having to buy another backpack. If you are interested in evening bags, you should visit the highlighted link:

So what are you waiting for? Go on, plan a big trip with your friends and start packing! Remember that Baginning is the only store that gives you the best solution to one of the biggest problems a traveler could face: carrying things around. Reviews all over the internet about this site are great. So if the feedback is good, why don't you give it a try? Evening bags ( those who want to have an elegant night with somebody special and clear backpacks for those who desire more from them. Go for more with a clear backpack ( Go visit a new city and take a few photos. You won't regret!

marți, 4 iunie 2019

Cel mai bun accesoriu al verii

Cu un rucsac potrivit poti intotdeauna sa faci o impresie placuta. Cel putin asta cred barbatii. O geanta nu este intotdeauna potrivita pentru orice situatie. Pentru o iesire in parc, intr-o zi calduroasa, un rucsac simplu, dar elegant, este tot ce ai nevoie pentru a iesi din tipar. Barbatilor le place foarte mult ca o femeie sa iasa din tipar si sa accepte noi provocari. Gentile de umar sunt depasite, fiindca acestea sunt specifice femeilor de varste mai inaintate. Tinerele femei ar trebui sa poarte rucsacuri, fiindca ele ofera o nota de tinerete purtatoarei. In orice caz, pentru a accesa un astfel de look, femeile tinere de pretutindeni cauta pe internet, fiindca este mult mai usor si mult mai comod sa iti faci cumparaturile online. O prietena de-a mea a facut la fel si a fost foarte multumita de alegerea facuta.

Prietena mea a facut trecerea de la geanta de umar la rucsac cu ajutorul magazinului online, unde a gasit rucsacuri dama foarte ieftine si frumoase. Am mai vorbit intr-un articol anterior despre acest magazin. asigura cele mai bune conditii de transport ale produselor pe care le comercializeaza si se gandeste intotdeauna la satisfactia clientilor sai. Fara doar si poate, calitatea produselor este extraordinara. Foarte multe femei tinere acceseaza zilnic acest magazin online si se bucura de o experienta minunata. Cumparaturile nu au fost niciodata mai frumoase ca acum! Hainele si accesoriile tale preferate se afla la un singur click distanta.

Asadar, daca esti in cautarea unui rucsac frumos de dama sau cunosti pe cineva care ar putea avea nevoie de unul, nu ezita sa arunci o privire asupra gamei variate de produse de la Un rucsac de dama poate fi oricand un cadou, in mod special daca esti un barbat in cautarea unui cadou versatil. Bugetul tau nu va avea deloc de suferit, intrucat nimeni nu s-a plans vreodata de preturi piperate in ceea ce priveste acest magazin. Recomandarea mea este sa accesezi chiar astazi magazinul, fiindca, cine stie? Poate ca rucsacul la care te gandesti chiar acum s-ar putea sa fie cumparat de altcineva chiar in aceste momente!

Cum sa impresionezi cu haine frumoase

Fiindca vara a inceput oficial si stim ca nimic nu ne poate opri din a ne distra, trebuie sa ne echipam cu cele mai frumoase haine si sa ii dam bice. Pentru barbati este foarte usor sa isi gaseasca haine, cel putin in teorie... insa pentru femei este o adevarata nebunie. Femeile trebuie sa probeze o multime de haine inainte de a se decide. Rochiile sunt de cele mai multe ori o adevarata problema, fiindca ele pot fi scumpe si greu de gasit. Nu... nu in sensul ca nu s-ar gasi prin magazine, ba din contra! Se gasesc foarte multe modele, insa nu toate sunt frumoase, iar de cele mai multe ori cele frumoase sunt foarte scumpe.

Exista insa un magazin care atrage atentia oricarei femei cu simtul modei dezvoltat. Aceste femei stiu cum sa impresioneze purtand haine frumoase, si in mod special purtand rochii frumoase. Este vorba de magazinul, care are unele dintre cele mai frumoase rochii de zi. Preturile sunt foarte accesibile, iar calitatea produselor este extraordinara. Femeile care au cumparat pana acum rochii din acest magazin online nu s-au plans de nimic, ba din contra, sunt multumite de livrarea rapida si de modul in care sunt prezentate modelele.

Fiindca vara aceasta femeile vor sa arate extraordinar cand se distreaza, magazinul le-a pus la dispozitie o multime de rochii frumoase. Distractia este in toi atunci cand te simti bine in pielea ta. Si ce alt mod mai bun de a te simti bine in pielea ta decat prin afisarea intr-un loc public, imbracata intr-o rochie care iti pune in evidenta toate trasaturile feminine? Acest magazin a stiut care au fost nevoile femeilor de pretutindeni si s-a adaptat, astfel incat sa ofere doar cele mai bune produse clientelor. Nici barbatii nu sunt uitati, de aceea magazinul gazduieste si o categorie pentru acestia. Astazi insa este vorba doar despre femei. Pe langa rochiile frumoase de zi pe care le-ati putea cumpara, ati putea asorta imbracamintea cu niste accesorii foarte ieftine si elegante. ofera tot ce ai nevoie pentru a-ti face vara cat mai frumoasa, asa ca da-i o sansa si umple-ti cosul cu produsele preferate!

luni, 20 mai 2019

Sandals for the move

Beauty stands in the eye of the beholder, am I right? What about clothes? I believe that not only the physical appearance is important in life, but also the way we dress. So today I'm going to talk about how clothes can change everything.

One thing that I learned while being a student is the fact that clothes are a great source of respect. If you want to demand respect from somebody you need to dress acordingly. So what other way to do that if not by going to shopping? Today shopping is really beautiful and easy because it can be done from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is to search for the right online store and have enough time and money to spend.

Women know this better than nobody else. There is this online store named which comes with some of the greatest shoes from around the internet. As a man I can tell when a woman is taking care of her appearance and when she doesn't. I truly recommend this online store to any woman because it has some of the most beautiful sandals that I have ever seen. With the right color on the nails and the perfect sandals, this summer can be more that you have ever expected. There is this saying "women run the world". I prefer them with high heels, but sandals can also make the cut. So if you believe that your feet deserve a little more appreciation, FSJShoes is the store that you need to visit.

I've seen many shoe stores before but none like this one. The best thing that I can find about this store is the fact that the prices are very low and the shipping is very fast. I know some persons that got their shoes from this store and they told me how quck they received the order. One of the biggest issues today when it comes to clothes and shoes on the internet is the fact that the shipping takes a lot of time, on some stores. But this is not the case for If you are looking for some great quality shoes, this is the store that you should visit. I believe that it doesn't take that long to fall in love with their products as they are many and very interesting. Men will fall at your feet when they will see how beautiful you decided to be this summer.

Clothes and shoes go hand in hand. With a good shirt is always great to have a good pair of jeans, especially if you want to dress a little more casual. And if you are not up to wearing office shoes, then sandals could save you. They fit in almost any situation and they should always exist in your house. One women can never have too many shoes. So why wouldn't you buy yourself a beautiful pair of platform sandals? Or even a strap wedge heels sandals.

vineri, 10 mai 2019

Prepare for this year's summer with Luvyle

Summer is coming back and we need to bring back that summer body in case if we want to look great this year, am I right? Anyway... for men it's quite easy to hide the extra pounds under a loose t-shirt, but women find it a lot harder to make this happen. Women have to try to do their best in order to look great while it's summer. But this time it's going to be a lot easier than before. Firstly because a man should love unconditionally her woman even if she has those extra pounds or not. That's why women shouldn't be ashamed of their bodies... but of course, they shouldn't make a habbit out of this and also look out for their health. But when it comes to clothes you don't need to panic. The store Luvyle is selling some of the cutest clothes for women on the internet. There are some cute casual dresses which might catch your attention along the way. If you want to give it a try, just follow the link in the highlighted words from the last sentence!
Because dresses are a must in a woman's wardrobe, this summer you should buy more than usual because you will need to change them a lot. Anyway it's quite a bargain because the prices are very cheap. From what I've heard, the customers are all pleased with the quality of their products so far. The fabrics are very soft and they let the skin breath, which is a very good thing from my point of view, because you won't get sweaty. You can find many cheap maxi dresses in this store and there are lots of models from which you can chose. So if you are in a hurry and need to prepare for this year's summer, just take a look at Luvyle store and buy the dresses that fit you the most!