vineri, 4 ianuarie 2019

5 things to try in 2019

Ever wondered when it is the right time to make a new wishlist or just start something new in your life? Well, I am sorry to dissapoint you but there is no such thing as perfect timing. If you want something, you will have to do it now! You might consider that it is too soon, too early but January is the perfect time for setting new purposes for the new year unfolding. I do not know much about you guys but I do know for sure that this year I will try lots of new things because gathering experiences makes life better! If you do not know what try out first or just looking for inspiration then here are a few headlights !

1. Go to the gym!
Not a sport person but want to do something interesting? Try out a new routine and workout program on your gym! Sign up for a fitness instructor and work out the best of you to get into shape as soon as possible! A sculpted body and a new healthy life can change everything into good! Start with just a few simple execises and then plan your whole routine after you have decided if you just want to tone up or loose weight. 

2. Save money
If you managed to do some saving in the previous year then congrats, you are one of lucky ones! I myself did not but I am trying my best this year. Keep them in a jar or in a new bank account just to be sure you would not have easy acces to them if you think you can not do it without a bit of help. You can try as well to save some money by making lists for shopping and not buying stuff you do not need. It is not easy but if we persevere in this we can make it! 

3. Travel
With those money you have put aside you can plan a new vacation or just travel the world! Prices for airplanes have dropped and now it is really easy to literaly go to the other side of the world for a very cheap price! Book it online os imply take a map and set a few destinations to visit on your trip but do not forget to ask fellow bloggers for cheap places to sleep and eat! They might save you from bad room services or scams! Enjoy every single moment of you holiday and do not forget to take pictures!

4. Try a new fashion style
I know it has been really hard for you to keep up with changes lately and your wardrobe looks very dissapointing... Do not dispair! It is enough time for a change! You can start by trying a pink lace front wig because pink shades will always be on trend. Wigs and other hair accessories are very helpull for a daily change but for a long term engagement with a particular style use the best synthetic wigs that do not cost a fortune but do look like a million bucks! And if you ask me then yes, you can have as many coloured wigs as you want! Some might be a bit too bold but who cares? A girl can never have too many red wigs isn't it?
5. Learn 
Not good with make-ur, cooking or simply lack information about common stuff? Then be the change you need in your life by learning something new every day. Nobody likes school or reading but trust me, the more you know about everything that is happening around you the best you will become! New informations can help you improve your reading, speaking skills and also leave a very good impression on your interviews! Try to be the best in your work field and do not be ashamed of beaing a nerd!