joi, 7 noiembrie 2019

Christmas surprise for my friends this year

Christmas is coming soon so we should all prepare for it, right? I really love this season as it makes me feel that everybody on this planet can become better just by feeling the magic of Christmas. This year I want to do something special for my family and my friends. I want to dress as Santa Claus and bring them some presents while they are sitting at the yearly dinner that we organize on Christmas. For this I will need some help so I talked to a friend of mine to dress as an elf. She really liked the idea and thought it would be a lot of fun to do so.

I still have my Santa Claus costume from a few years ago when I went to a kindergarden to give some presents to the kids that I met there. For the elf costume I thought it would be great to be bought from an online store. Lover-Beauty is the store that has some of the most beautiful costumes for Christmas. At least it is the only one that I could find selling elf costumes. Anyway, I think that finding a Christmas costumes wholesaleonline was the best thing that could happen to me in order to get everything done for this Christmas.

This online store has many costumes at very reasonable prices and many discounts for the clients. One of the best thing that I found out about Lover-Beauty is the fact that you can return the products in 15 days if it doesn’t fit or you find anything wrong with it. Hohoho, I hope that my little elf won’t be fat this year so that there won’t be any problem with fitting in the costume. As for me… I don’t need a best shapewear wholesale as I can be fat just like Santa!