joi, 20 decembrie 2018

Fashionme: your personal online styler!

Throughout the years, women have learned that with fashion they can make a statement for themselves. Fashioni is a strong weapon and can be decisive into someone's appearence and first impression. It is very important to know that if you are not very interested in fashion and other trends then you have to make sure that your outfits look impecable. Always wear clean clothes and basic items that are never out of trend that are very cheap and easy to get from Fashionme. For example, if you do not know what to wear to an interview then you have two options: a simple suit if you like to wear simple outfits and not take any chances, or a dress without too many prints or designs and a casual blazer to reach the bussiness type of look. There are various styles and designs you could choose from but try not to add too many accessories to your look because you want to look professional and mantain that impression throughout all your interview. For a first date things can be more casual! It is winter time so it is kind of mandatory to have cheap trench coats in different styles for every single occasion you are going to be attending. Black, red or coloured, it does not matter which one you choose as long as it is a piece of clothing that would make a statement about your personal fashion style while keeping you warm. Under the coat you can wear any type of dresses for women you like but make sure that they are either in the same colour spectrum as your whole outfit or at least complementary to it. Bold prints and unique designs can only be found online so do not hesitate to have a look on the internet! Look up for those piece of clothings that come in a very short number of sizes and only from stores that only work with top quality fabrics. Slowly, affter a while your whole personal style will improve. Just make sure that you optfor the right items, the statement ones!

miercuri, 19 decembrie 2018

Sweater weather and what else to wear?

Everytime I look in the calendar these days I just cannot believe that we are a few days apart from Christmas and New Years Eve! Time has just passed by without notice and there are still lots of things to do, plans and whislists to fulfill and outfits to decide! I do not know how you are doing it guys because in what regards myself I think that sometime I just cannot manage enough the time I have got... I wich one day would be longer than 24 hours but those extra hours would still not be enough to make everything right. In the few moments I have got free from my lunch break I am trying my best to get gifts for the loved ones and plan the meals for our Christmas party. Well, most of the cattering and partying supplies will be done mostly by my mother but I do want to make sure that I help my family with everything I can. I have already bought lots of gifts a long time ago for my brother and sister but I stillhave to decide what I am going to wear this year. My girlfriend has already chosen a few outfits and keeps on sending me pictures with cute sweater ideas she will wear for the following days so I guess this is her way of telling me to either hurry up or match my outfits with her... Some look like these in the following pictures andI know for certain that she has bought it online from Chicgostyle but some are really ugly and I am wondering if those are a joke or if she is serious?!

Crew Neck Bowknot Cutout Patchwork Crochet Plain Sweaters 

Knit Sweater V-Neck Stripe Sweater

 Well I would not mind to wear a matching outfit but I think she wants to make sure that I have everything done in time and I do not blame her considering I have the worst timing! But guys, what do you think I should wear if she opts for a more comfortable look like just some women knitwear apparel? I think a suit would look to formal while a tracksuit way too boring... Actualy, if i have a closer look to the outfits she has selected i think it will all be casual so I will go just like that with a jumper and a pair of jeans maybe.... I am so confused and so not good with fashion! I do not know what I will be wearing but I do know as a fact that if I do not have it all ready by the end of this weekend, I will be in great danger!