vineri, 4 ianuarie 2019

5 things to try in 2019

Ever wondered when it is the right time to make a new wishlist or just start something new in your life? Well, I am sorry to dissapoint you but there is no such thing as perfect timing. If you want something, you will have to do it now! You might consider that it is too soon, too early but January is the perfect time for setting new purposes for the new year unfolding. I do not know much about you guys but I do know for sure that this year I will try lots of new things because gathering experiences makes life better! If you do not know what try out first or just looking for inspiration then here are a few headlights !

1. Go to the gym!
Not a sport person but want to do something interesting? Try out a new routine and workout program on your gym! Sign up for a fitness instructor and work out the best of you to get into shape as soon as possible! A sculpted body and a new healthy life can change everything into good! Start with just a few simple execises and then plan your whole routine after you have decided if you just want to tone up or loose weight. 

2. Save money
If you managed to do some saving in the previous year then congrats, you are one of lucky ones! I myself did not but I am trying my best this year. Keep them in a jar or in a new bank account just to be sure you would not have easy acces to them if you think you can not do it without a bit of help. You can try as well to save some money by making lists for shopping and not buying stuff you do not need. It is not easy but if we persevere in this we can make it! 

3. Travel
With those money you have put aside you can plan a new vacation or just travel the world! Prices for airplanes have dropped and now it is really easy to literaly go to the other side of the world for a very cheap price! Book it online os imply take a map and set a few destinations to visit on your trip but do not forget to ask fellow bloggers for cheap places to sleep and eat! They might save you from bad room services or scams! Enjoy every single moment of you holiday and do not forget to take pictures!

4. Try a new fashion style
I know it has been really hard for you to keep up with changes lately and your wardrobe looks very dissapointing... Do not dispair! It is enough time for a change! You can start by trying a pink lace front wig because pink shades will always be on trend. Wigs and other hair accessories are very helpull for a daily change but for a long term engagement with a particular style use the best synthetic wigs that do not cost a fortune but do look like a million bucks! And if you ask me then yes, you can have as many coloured wigs as you want! Some might be a bit too bold but who cares? A girl can never have too many red wigs isn't it?
5. Learn 
Not good with make-ur, cooking or simply lack information about common stuff? Then be the change you need in your life by learning something new every day. Nobody likes school or reading but trust me, the more you know about everything that is happening around you the best you will become! New informations can help you improve your reading, speaking skills and also leave a very good impression on your interviews! Try to be the best in your work field and do not be ashamed of beaing a nerd! 

joi, 20 decembrie 2018

Fashionme: your personal online styler!

Throughout the years, women have learned that with fashion they can make a statement for themselves. Fashioni is a strong weapon and can be decisive into someone's appearence and first impression. It is very important to know that if you are not very interested in fashion and other trends then you have to make sure that your outfits look impecable. Always wear clean clothes and basic items that are never out of trend that are very cheap and easy to get from Fashionme. For example, if you do not know what to wear to an interview then you have two options: a simple suit if you like to wear simple outfits and not take any chances, or a dress without too many prints or designs and a casual blazer to reach the bussiness type of look. There are various styles and designs you could choose from but try not to add too many accessories to your look because you want to look professional and mantain that impression throughout all your interview. For a first date things can be more casual! It is winter time so it is kind of mandatory to have cheap trench coats in different styles for every single occasion you are going to be attending. Black, red or coloured, it does not matter which one you choose as long as it is a piece of clothing that would make a statement about your personal fashion style while keeping you warm. Under the coat you can wear any type of dresses for women you like but make sure that they are either in the same colour spectrum as your whole outfit or at least complementary to it. Bold prints and unique designs can only be found online so do not hesitate to have a look on the internet! Look up for those piece of clothings that come in a very short number of sizes and only from stores that only work with top quality fabrics. Slowly, affter a while your whole personal style will improve. Just make sure that you optfor the right items, the statement ones!

miercuri, 19 decembrie 2018

Sweater weather and what else to wear?

Everytime I look in the calendar these days I just cannot believe that we are a few days apart from Christmas and New Years Eve! Time has just passed by without notice and there are still lots of things to do, plans and whislists to fulfill and outfits to decide! I do not know how you are doing it guys because in what regards myself I think that sometime I just cannot manage enough the time I have got... I wich one day would be longer than 24 hours but those extra hours would still not be enough to make everything right. In the few moments I have got free from my lunch break I am trying my best to get gifts for the loved ones and plan the meals for our Christmas party. Well, most of the cattering and partying supplies will be done mostly by my mother but I do want to make sure that I help my family with everything I can. I have already bought lots of gifts a long time ago for my brother and sister but I stillhave to decide what I am going to wear this year. My girlfriend has already chosen a few outfits and keeps on sending me pictures with cute sweater ideas she will wear for the following days so I guess this is her way of telling me to either hurry up or match my outfits with her... Some look like these in the following pictures andI know for certain that she has bought it online from Chicgostyle but some are really ugly and I am wondering if those are a joke or if she is serious?!

Crew Neck Bowknot Cutout Patchwork Crochet Plain Sweaters 

Knit Sweater V-Neck Stripe Sweater

 Well I would not mind to wear a matching outfit but I think she wants to make sure that I have everything done in time and I do not blame her considering I have the worst timing! But guys, what do you think I should wear if she opts for a more comfortable look like just some women knitwear apparel? I think a suit would look to formal while a tracksuit way too boring... Actualy, if i have a closer look to the outfits she has selected i think it will all be casual so I will go just like that with a jumper and a pair of jeans maybe.... I am so confused and so not good with fashion! I do not know what I will be wearing but I do know as a fact that if I do not have it all ready by the end of this weekend, I will be in great danger! 

duminică, 14 octombrie 2018

Baby on it's way? Here are a few items you can use for beautiful family photos

From the very first moment we get to help our new born baby into our arms, we know the true meaning of love without any boundaries. A child changes the structure of the family but the parents are the ones that consider themselves reborn again along with the child and these are moments nobody would ever forget. From now on, everything is set into motion by a smile, a step or simple baby laugh... Little unforgetable gestures that steal your heart forever! Every parent know that these special things are the ones that make the life brighter so taking pictures with every step of this new life that is filled with joy is mandatory. But for the new mommie to be this is a life changing experience. From the very first moment a woman finds out about the little bundle of jow growing inside of her she know that nothing is going to be the same as before. The mum will start keeping a track of every change that occurs in her body and baby growing inside, and also start a new adventure planning every step for a new chapter of life.

A child requires a lot of attention if not, all of it to be honest and everyone knows that! From the start and until the end, the child will get all the attention from all the family members! And that is not necesarely a bad thing! That type of attention only means that the baby is loved and they will start to get into his graces by buying clothes and toys and all other sort of things that can be useful when the baby grows up. Buying clothes is actualy a pretty common thing relatives do and offer as an early gift so the new mommie no longer needs to make any further purchases for a while except if she want some specific items like for example new born baby jackets for the cold autumn evening walks in the park. Some really nice outits can be made each day with them and also a few of them can be used for family members photoshoots! The newborn baby photo album is a must have in each family! Every parent who wants to keep track with the changes in their child's life can start making a daily photo and print it! This is one easy and affordable way to make memorable moments last for a lifetime! But for pretty pictures one would need not only a nice setup and background but also a new wardrobe and once again this is the moment where the mother can choose from lots of clothing items and baby suits for professional pictures. Cheap and cute can be found on Cyber Monday newborn baby sets and lots of other cute trinklets that can be added to the decor for a more extravagant and remarkable photo from Popreal.

duminică, 20 mai 2018

Why you should choose BestHairBuy instead any other online store

I'm not a person that likes women with artificial hair or anything that doesn't look natural. The thing is that I have always liked and appreciated the woman that knew how to look stylish and natural at the same time. But there are some persons that have hair loss issues that could use some beautiful wigs made from natural virgin hair. If there are persons here that have problems with hair loss or anything related to this issue, just take a look at the products that BestHairBuy has to offer. I bet that you will fall in love with them forever! BestHairBuy wigs are some of the most wanted and searched items on Google when it comes to this store. The reason behind this is the fact that BestHairBuy has the best products for hair and persons with hair loss.

Another popular product that people has been searching for lately on Google is the BestHairBuy Straight hair wig, which, by the way, looks amazing! I know a person that could use something like this, because it has hair problems and her looks are simply degrading year by year. I think that I will buy one straight hair wig or maybe BestHairBuy Curly hair wig from the store, for that person. One thing that I love the most is that BestHairBuy has many discounts and that helps the customer a lot, because the customer will save a great amount of money after buying any product from this store. 

I will leave these photos of some of the wigs I have chosen for that person, but if you think that they look beautiful enough to satisfy your needs, you can always try some for yourself! Why not give it a try? I truly recommend you to go on and find yourself the products that you've always wanted and send the order.

joi, 17 mai 2018

Need hair extensions? Try BestHairBuy!

Have you ever had a bad hair day or you just want to have a rich hair? If you are looking to enhance your hair, then search no more, because I have exactly what you need. Today I write about an online store that has beautiful hair extensions. I am talking about BestHairBuy hair extensions, because so far they seem to be the best ones I have ever found on the internet. BestHairBuy has only the best hair products so you can enjoy your hair as it will look awesome and will give you a new appearance. There are so many other options for this kind of products, such as BestHairBuy clip in hair extensions. The reason why so many online communities chose BestHairBuy tape in hair extensions or any other kind of hair extensions from this online store is because the prices are fair and the quality is very good.

Many of my friends, which are women, are in need of hair extensions, because they are bored with their looks. The hair is one of the best accessories a woman could ever have. I believe that BestHairBuy is the best option for those who want more from their hair. The feedback for this online store is one of the greatest that there can be. Many customers are really pleased with the quality of their products and think that the shipping service was very fast. The BestHairBuy team takes care of every order so that every customer will have their product the way they want them. I took my time and looked over some of the products from this online store and I couldn't resist so I added some hair extensions to gift them to some of my best friends. I know a lot of persons that would love to wear some of these hair extensions.

miercuri, 25 aprilie 2018

How I'd like to dress my little toddler girl

What would you do if you were a good parent? Most probably you would buy nice things to your kids, right? Well sometimes your kids don't need toys or gadgets, because they might get way too bored of them or too distracted, in some cases. So what you really need to do is to buy beautiful clothes for them. If there is a better way to do this, then it's name is Popreal. This online store is recommended by many and has many good reviews on the internet. I really like it because it has many clothes from which you can chose. My cousin bought a few clothes from this online store and she wasn't disappointed! Another friend of mine also bought something for her little girl... if I remember well, she bought a baby swimwear that fits just perfect on her little girl. 

The thing that makes such a great online store is the fact that, not only it is the home of the cutest clothes for toddlers, but it also has many discounts and seasons promotions. The stock is always updated so that you can refresh the wardrobe of your little girl only with the latest pieces of clothing known worldwide for kids. The baby girl tops are very nice this year and many parents have already bought a few of them. Because the weather is rapidly changing and it gets hotter and hotter, some parents have thought that a few tops for their toddler would be the best way to keep them away from the heat wave. The fabrics used in the making process of the clothes are light but very strong at the same time. 

If you are looking to buy something nice for your kid, go on and search for the thing you think the toddler really needs, on Hated by other stores for it's performances, but loved by the parents for it's beautiful products. And by the way, if I didn't say it already, the store delivers every order just in time so that the toddlers will get to wear the clothes.

miercuri, 4 aprilie 2018

Making a new fashion statement with style

While some of us are trying hard to live life at it's finest, there are some people out there that seem to be careless about all the gifts of life. There are those persons that are always trying to make something new, something special, but not all of them succeed. While some fail, some of them actually make it up to the expectations of others and by trying so hard they actually finish the things they worked for. Some of these persons might be those who want to make a new fashion statement in this world. I've seen so many of them that I can already say there are too many. If you are one of those persons you should try something new, but if you really like the things you do, then you should see some excellent online stores from where you can get some ideas on how fashion really works. One of these stores that I truly recommend is It has some of the most beautiful wigs and hair extensions in the world. And most important, they are really cheap! Also, you should know that there are also many reviews on MaxGlam Hair Reviews.

–Youtube Guru Ivy Powell Recommend Best Kinky Straight Hair

I have always knew that by buying on MaxGlamHair brazilian body wave for some of my friends and classmates there would always be somebody who would like to know where I got them from. So there it is. I have one classmate that would like to work as a fashion designer and she wanted to start her own fashion house in Romania by making clothes on her own. The only thing that she needed more were the wigs for her mannequins. So where else could she look for some beautiful wigs for her mannequins if not on She found many beautiful blonde bundles with frontal so she made an order and the package was shipped in no time! My classmate started working on her project as soon as the products has arrived and everybody was happy by then. So this is how you can make a new fashion statement with style!

–6A Hair Weave Brazilian Hair Bundles Body Wave