luni, 22 iulie 2019

Gift ideas - personalised name necklace

Birthdays are special events that should always be remembered dearly by our loved ones! Birthday cake, roses, bubbly champagne and lots of gifts, those would be the first things that pop in my mind every time I think about birthdays! It all sounds fun and it really is until you realise you have to buy a gift! Making them feel special and cherisehd on their birthday is a priority so make sure you have a gift as special as the person you are gifting! I know lots of you men lack ideas for presents so I have made a short list that consist of items and others that you might use as inspiration for a brilliant gift idea for the special person in your life! 

Time flies by when having fun so book tickets to a funfair or an adventure park! I know that this kind of activities might be a bit difficult for winter born people but a winter festival is also worth going to if you are still interested in having a day off and a walk instead of spending the birthday indoors! You can do lots of stuff on a funfair! You are never to old to ride the roller coaster or join a cart race with your friends so hop on and make your friends birthday a day they would never forget! 

Personalising a gift is a really cute and thoughtfull idea! We are past the pillows and teddy bears so here is something you might like! Did you know that you can gift someone or get name necklace engraved with their name or a special number that has meaning for them! Also, you can add symbols to make even more interesting but the name necklace remains one top gift idea for this year! You can also opt for a set consisting of different custom name bracelet made out of precious metals.

A day at a spa can be a great idea as well even if you might not be able to join! Some people like going to the spa for a great relaxing session so find out which one is the best in town and do an early book in for one or two person spa plan! You can find vouchers online or deals so have a look online when purchasing them. Also, do not forget to add a personalised note to the gift! Take a pretty box with a cheerful ribbon and leave a lovely note inside along with name bracelets to remember your friend or loved one how special they are to you! Wish them a beautiful happy birthday and let them enjoy a day at the spa!

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