vineri, 28 iunie 2019

Pretty mermaid dresses

Have you ever asked youself what is the most searched fashion item in the world on google? One might think that red pumps are the answer as women love shoes but actually the mermaid prom dresses are the ones that are on top searches! Surprised much? Well, in order to wear one you must know that they are pretty pretentious due to the design that accentuates the body curves. You do not have to be 90-60-90 to fit into one but depending on the deisng the mermaid dress can eithr look precious on you or as a total failure! These dresses are quite elegant so you would have to wear them on special occassion as they might look too pretentious for daily wear or events that are more chic-casual coded. Not feeling too confident or comfortable to try out this particular style? Do not worry too much! There are quite a few variations of this designs that are easy to wear even by those so do not have the body of a catwalk model! Look at the following 27 dresses that are both one piece or two piece! My favourite ones are the last one as we can opt for different tops whenever we want to combine patterns and colours of our chosing! 

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