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How to curl hair without heat in 5 minutes

The fast changing fashion trend brings prosperity for hair salon. But today, more and more women feel going to a salon cost money and time and lack of flexibility. DIY hairstyles become more and more popular. People can buy some hair products online and use them to achieve new hairstyle at home. There are many kinds of hair products in the market. Among which, wig is the most popular one. Maxglam provides you many kinds of wigs such as cheap human hair lace front wigs, cheap human hair wigs, best lace wigs and bob wigs. Curly hairstyle has become popular among ladies, since it can greatly increase the volume of your hair. So you can buy wigs in curly hairstyle. Also, you can curly your own hair at home. Today we are going to talk about how to curl hair without heat in 5 minutes.

The first thing you need to do is to dampen your hair because wet hair is easy to manage. Then brush the hair to avoid any tangling. Section your hair into two parts. Prepare some long socks. The length of socks depends on the length of your hair. Then choose one piece of your hair and roll it around the socks from the root to the end. Finally, make a knot on socks. Repeat this process until all of your hair has been rolled. And go to sleep for overnight. In the next day morning, you will get beautiful curly hair. This method is very easy to use and you don't need to buy lots of roller. What's more, you can have your desired look without heat, which will not cause any damage to your hair.

If you don't have any time to make a new hairstyle for overnight, you can use hot tools. Both curling iron and flat iron can be used to curl the hair. Roll one small piece of your hair around the iron and leave several seconds, then you can get curly hair easily. Use hair spray can make the curls stay longer. But high heat may cause some damage to your hair, through taking out the moisture of your hair and causing tangling.

So buying some hair products is also a good option. Weave and closure can be used to sew in to make a wig. And after sewing in, you can restyle the hair at your desire, which will not hurt your own hair. Besides, you can buy wigs that have all the hair being sewed in previously. It may be more expensive but it can save your time greatly. Since these products are not attached to your scalp, so they cannot get the oil that it should be. If you want to use them for longer time, a good care is also needed. I recommend Maxglam for you. All of their products made of human hair, which boast of high quality. And they can colored or straightened easily. Hair product with high quality will make you satisfy. Have a try!

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