miercuri, 19 iunie 2019

Must haves in you summer bag!

The past few day have been so hot that everyone headed straight to be beach as the heat weave has been unbereable from early hours pf the day especially in the big cities. For the following days it seems the weather it will improve for a bit but we will still be facing high temperatures for a while, a bit abnormal for this time of the year so it is really important for everyone to remember to have a list with all the things they need from Chicmillions to face the heat weave in a better way! Summer will only last for a couple month here but it is enough to endanger your health if you are not well prepared for it!

1. Sunscreen protection
A lot of people refuse to apply sunscreen or simply do no know that it is really important to apply a thick layer of SPF in order to protesc sensitive skin from getting sunburns or develop cancer over the years. It does not matter if you are wearing a hoodie, a long sleeve dress or a fashion one piece swimsuit! The sun rays will affect your skin the same no matter what so make sure you have sunscreen protection and apply it every time you feel or after getting out of the pool as water rinses out the layers.

2. Hats, sunglases & umbrella
If you are wondering which one of these are the best, well then, they all go togheter if needed! If the sun shines really brightly and you feel vulnerable then put your hat and glasses on and open your umbrella to protect yourself from direct sunlight! All of these also protect you from heat-strokes so add them in your holiday bag along with your sunscreen and swimsuit!

3. Dresses, flip-flops and cheap swimwear online!
If you do not know what to wear when the thermometers go crazy, then choose something really simple! Dresses are perfect for a hot summer, flip-flops are easy to wear and let your feet breath and a swimsuit will make you ready for a dive in the pool when you feel like it!

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