marți, 25 iunie 2019

Prom dress alert!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I thought that I might do another blog review today but I was out with my girlfriend looking for prom dresses all day long and I must say that it was the most painful shopping experience I have ever had! Most of my shopping sessions are done onlin because I know precisely what I want and what suits me but she likes going from store to store to look for the right dress as if she was looking for a wedding gown! I am not joking, it tool almost all day to find something that she might spend her money on but they guess what? She has decided that at the end of the day she would continue on looking online for 27 dresses prom designs because why not? As if it was not enought that I have ndured, she will make me stay by her while she looks and I will have to say if I like it or not as if she would even care about my opinion! So a piece of advice guys, do not fall in the trap! Here is what you can do! It has just strike me that it would have been easier for me if I would have bought for her a gift card for the store she likes before dragging me all along the way! But now you know what you have to do so good luck fellas!

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