miercuri, 12 noiembrie 2014

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Lately I was thinking about making a change. Clothes, style and maybe the hair! But you know, to make all of these you need time, an adviser maybe or just a big pile of money (if you really want to make some very big changes) but yeah, in order to make them, you really need to know what you really want! Talking about clothes, there are many choices. You can just buy a new one or just adapt the old ones to the style you want to approach, but when it comes to your hair... well this is a little problem, only if you have a short one! I was thinking of a new hair cut, and my funny friend told me: why don’t you use a colour to be creative? At first I thought he was joking but then I realized that it isn’t such a bad idea. To be sure that I will be pleased with the way I look, I wanted to talk to you about a really nice and interesting subject that for sure will capture your attention: wigs! Yes people, long wigs for men!

Never heard of that before? Don’t worry because neither did I, but my friend did when he had to costume like a punk guitarist last Halloween and needed a pink hair to match with his clothes. He discovered a lot of Christmas wigs sales that he though I can choose from. There are a lot of nice wigs for men! Different styles of wigs, and they are also easy to use and change when needed. My attention went on this designs particulary because they remind me of my favourile actors:




So what do you say? To be honest, I think they look really great and natural! I never thought that there could be so many designs and custom made wigs as well! When I was little I thought that only women use them to impress others or just for costumes on shows, but now they are available for all kind of people and I find them usefull for those who have suffered from hair lose from unknown causes or just shaved their head! Yeah, I know, the idea sounds crazy but it’s funny for me and new as well, you know? I think this is a great opportunity to change the way you look with not making something permanent or affecting your look because we all know there are times when we regret doing it.

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