luni, 10 noiembrie 2014

DressVe wishlist for Christmas

As you all know, Black Friday and Christmas are going to be here soon and we all have to be fully prepared for a lot of presents to give, but also to receive. I personally love this time of the year but at the same time it gives me chills and some kind of panic because I have just a little time to decide what to buy for my family! For my dad and my oldest brother the choices aren’t that hard, but for my mother and sister… damn they are so pretentious! I spend every year more than a week in the stores to find something nice but you know how women are, right? You can never make them happy from the first try so to be on the same page with them, I talked with one of my best friends and searched togheter some great ideas for presents so that our beloved ones will feel great and happy. I want to show you today some cool clothes that I saw on while I was looking for some bags, or something like that, and I would like to know your opinion! It would mean a lot if you would tell me if these would be a good idea for my sister, which loves dresses. I have peeked a little on her wishlist to be honest but don’t tell anyone!

So, what do you think? I guess there are some pretty designs that will fit her well and also my mum and maybe I should stop and decide which one I must buy as soon as possible because there aren’t gonna be that many later this year. I thinks that a pretty and simple dress would make a great present for a woman, especially for those who love fashion and search daily for news in beauty and other women stuff. They wanna look nice daily so yes, this is the best choice for us mens to impress them quicly!

Dressve–Fashion Overcoats 2014

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  1. nu, nu, nu! de ce-mi bagi shopping sub nas? nu rezist neam! adevarul e ca ar trebui s-o las mai moale cu cumparaturile...dar nu pot!