marți, 3 martie 2015

Buy the perfect dress!

Good evening ladies! I want to wish to you all a nice and warm spring! Here in Romania, in the first days of March, we celebrate women's day and also some other local traditions that we all love and respect even thought the time seems to forget them. The teenagers seem to revive them and that is how they still continue to live on and celebrate the beauty of our beloved women in our lives. This days, I wanted to be very special for my friend and my sister. Since my mother is gone out of the country with her work, they are those 2 women that are the most important to me at the time being, so, knowing the fact that they are fashion lovers, I have started a sales marathon so that when the Women's Day comes, I'll be prepared to give them a surprise. I was thinking a lot and I have came up with the conclusion that is not that simple to find a perfect gift for them! Me and my best buddy searched on many online stores ideas but nothing really caught our attention and if that didnt happened, that means it is time to rush things up guys! If you find yourselves in the same position as I do, don't worry because I have find today some of the perfect prom since the summer of 2015 will be filled up with parties to attend and exatravagant weddings, proms and so on. I know that I don't know everything about prom dresses but I am more than sure that these dresses will prove them that I care about them and know them entirely. Here's what I selected for my sister and my friend:

If she's a bit of a dancer so I think that short dresses are great for her. Long dresses are beautiful too but I don't think she could have the time of her live because the long and fluid material would be annoying and pulling it all night ain't that elegant and something to see from a girl.

I have saved for the last this dresses. Why? Because not only they look great, but they come at a great price! You don't believe me right? Long dresses do have a spicy price something and these one do have lots of embelishments and sparkly accessories but that is only for a bit of a bling-bling and wow efect. They are all prom dresses under 50 from here for girls who are on a budget! Buying a dress like this will let you purchase some new shoes too and maybe some jewelry which I do recommend to all ladies that want to look like a movie star at the party they attend. I love to see women well dresses and taking care of them. I think that a dress is a perfect present for a woman in love with fashion because you know gentlemans: a woman never has too many dresses or shoes!

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