sâmbătă, 28 martie 2015

Wait, what?! You're wearing extensions?

So, my girlfriend told me last days that she wanted to change something in her appearence. I wasn't sure what she really meant because somethimes she has this crazy ideas about making awful decisions so I didn't know how to respond to this challenge guys! I guess all of you are struggling with women temper often, and try to accomodate with their new ideas, but this time, my beloved had something big on her sweet mind: change her hair! Oh boy! I was curious about that and dreamed all night what could it be this time! One year ago, she wanted a pixie hair cut, loved it in the first days, but after... God, please help me! She had this mood like oh, my beautiful long curly hair is gone, where I was thinking, I look like a boy, I hate it and so on...

Well, as you can imagine, is not that long since she cut her hair, so now she has a short bob haircut (or something like that) and I don;t know what she could do to change that. But guess what? She had one brilliant idea! I don't know why I haven't thought of that before her to be honest! I would have gained some extra point for being a good lover, right? Well, this time, she discovered something brilliant to come back to her old loved long hair! She buyed online some hair extension to make some socking appearence wherever she goes and she's got it! She looks very happy especially when she can make again those beautiful braids she loves so much. I couldn't believe that human hair extensions could come in such a big variaty and match perfectly the natural hair colour of each client.

I've heard before of them, but never thought that they are so easy to maintain, to wear and apply! I was more like: wait, what?! That's not your natural hair? Now I have one happy girlfriend and I know what to buy her as Eastef gift! She browsed around hair weave for a long time but her budget is now low, so here Johnny, be the saviour of the day! They still look unfamilliar to you? Well, they sure look like that to me! Don't worry you guys! If you want to make these as a gift but don;t know what to choose, do as I did: take a photo of your girl and ask on the cchairextensions prefessionals what you need to make a perfect match! Voila! Easy peasy! Or yu could just give her the money she needs to buy them and wait for the great look to appear. That't even simpler and faster and sure she'll be very thrilled that you listen to her needs (sometimes).

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