marți, 3 martie 2015

New wedding dresses trends!

Recently I have had an argue with my big sister. Don't worry because it was nothing serious, just something simple, mostly about fashion trends and lifestyle this days. I was telling her that when I will get married, I would love to see my wife wearing a perfect white dress, to look like a princess that will buy from the cheap wedding dresses of , her favourite section for wedding looks. While listening to me, my sister begun screaming that I am a little bit old in thinking and maybe my fiance too because modern times need modern dresses like short and sexy ones, but I guess I am more conservative and like the classic looks like this one that me and my girlfriend saw on the site along with wedding shoes for women of

Don't you agree with me when I say that they look amazing? I am not that into dresses styles and fabrics, but I do now that lace is an ageless material and maybe the most elegant ever. Some of them actually reminded my girlfriend that she wants something that resembles the dresses her royal majesty Grace Kelly wore at her own wedding in Monaco, and I got to say that I like the ideea! Classy but still modern at the same time, easy to wear, modest but spectacular at the same time. Just a dress for a princess. But of course, let's not forget that my sister would like something like this:

What do you say? Yey or nay? Well, this is clearly something very modern but so not my style and my girlfriend's too. The long train, the big flower in the back and those on the straps, the warm butter tone aren't really that bad but I can't imagine my dear wife wearing it on her wedding day. We do love her suggestions but I think this time we will stick with our classy and elegang princess dresses, simple lines, not the big wow effect. Feeling great, comfortable but pretty is the main purpose of our purchase but that doesn't mean that I got to be cheap and give her something at a low price, but discount codes and season promotions are well received! has all it needs and maybe this is why my future wife prefers to shop on it, and franckly, I am lucky for having to make only one order for this occasion! I hope you guys won't have problems with your girls when the big day will come. Be honest and tell her what you really want to see in the most important day of your lives, and maybe who knows... she will listen.

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